My dad says I have always been good with my hands. From the time I was about four years old I could be found by his side “fixing” what needed to be fixed, be it the house or the car. By age six I was disassembling lawn mowers, radios and cars—I didn’t start learning to reassemble until I was about ten.

I have never been one for traditional means of learning, I have always been better at the hands-on approach and the same holds true for knife making.

Sometime back in 2013 a good friend of mine asked me for some help heat treating a Wakazashi blade. That day, I went home and started collecting and researching the tools of the trade.  Shortly after, I built my own forge, procured an anvil, and bought a set of hammers that I still prefer using today.

In early 2015 I was contacted by the History Channel to be on the premier episode of Forged in Fire. I returned for the third season of the show as a contestant on the “fan favorites” episode. My television appearances caught the eye of the local community college. They asked me to teach the Art 175 blacksmithing/ Bladesmithing course which I did for 4 semesters until May 2018. Teaching at Pima Community College inspired me to start up my own metal arts school. It is still in the planning stages but I hope to be open by first quarter of 2019.

With the help of my good friend and mentor Goya Kenny I have made my way to learning the ins and outs of this trade I have come to love.  As far as personal mottos go mine seems to be, “I never make a mistake, I either succeed or learn!”  Please enjoy my knives and if you see something you can’t live without…. Let me know, I’d love to make one for you!

Rich Greenwood
Pokabu Forge
Tucson AZ


17 thoughts on “About Rich Greenwood and Knife making

  1. Cpt Jax Logan says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking to purchase one of your cut throat razors and also a hand and a half combat ready wakizashi. Have you possibly got an email address please buddy?


  2. Derek Piersall says:

    Rich, I’very seen that you’re an amazing smith. I was really hoping to get online and find a store front of some kind, or something to that effect. A huge fan of the show “Forged in Fire” and really felt you should’ve won your last appearance there, but that’s neither here nor there. Do you have stock for sell, or are you only doing pieces to order? I see you teach, so I’m sure your schedule is full, so just let me know. I don’t have a specific project for you, just wanted to see what’s going on. Thanks for your time and consideration. Derek.


  3. Tinker says:

    Hi, I watched you on Forge in Fire. OmG! I love the show. Love to watch y’all do what cha do best.
    Do you make and sell knives your knives?
    I would love to purchase a set of your knoves.
    Thank you for letting me see what you do.
    It’s awesome…


  4. Chris Williams says:

    Rich, you were awesome on Forged in Fire. I’d like to see if you can make me a sword. I have a design in mind. I think you are the perfect guy for the job.


  5. Eric Miller says:

    Rich, you have a killer beard, congratulations! You have some mad forging skills I bet you are a busy guy pounding out the blades. I thought it funny you had those yellow drums from breaking bad? How were you able to aquire them? So cool.
    I hope they give you another chance to win, if anyone deserves it it’s you. I’ll talk to ya later



  6. Paul Easley says:

    Hey Rich I was wondering if you took apprentices at age 15? I absolutely love Japanese Katanas and the Japanese Tanto, so I want to make my own because if you forge the sword and you use it you can find the kinks in the weapon faster than if you just bought the weapon and started using it. If you understand what I am getting at. sincerely your wannabe apprentice, Paul I found you was from FIF (Forged In Fire)


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